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Is a modular home the same quality

as a site-built home?


Yes, and in many cases better. Modular homes are built in a factory which requires the home to be driven on the highway and arrive in the same condition it left in. Modular homes are built to exceptional quality to withstand transportation and being set onto your foundation. Additionally, our homes offer top-of-the line finishes in brand names you know and trust.

Can a modular home only be built as a rectangle? 

Definitely not.  A modular can be built as a two story, cape cod, various ranch plans with attractive offsets, a chalet, etc. There are literally hundreds of different looks you can get with modular housing. We do offer a collection of pre-designed plans, but all modular homes are fully customizable. You can provide your own plans, sketches, and drawings which we can price, finalize, and build.

Will my home be built to my

local building codes?


Yes. Freedom Homes ensures that every house is built to comply with all of your local building codes. Every home must pass the same requirements as a site-built home. There is an independent, third-party inspector that examines each house throughout the process to ensure everything meets, or exceeds, all building codes. Modular homes are built to the Michigan state building code and subject to the same requirements as a traditional site-built home.

Does a modular home have a steel frame as its foundation?

No. The carrier that a modular home arrives to your property on breaks away. The home floor system is built of the same wood materials a site builder uses and is placed and anchored on your block, poured, or wood foundation. As with a site-built home, the type of foundation you want depends on your preference. The most common are full basement and crawlspace.


Do modular homes come with brand-name components?

Absolutely! Price Pfister faucets, Shaw carpet, Plygem windows, Kwikset locks, and Cambria quartz countertops are just a few of the names Freedom Homes commonly includes in their modular lines.

  Can you tell from walking through a modular home that it is modular construction?

Many times a building inspector, professional home builder, or a real estate agent can’t even tell if it is or isn’t modular - and housing is their living. A modular is a real house in every way.

Will a modular home depreciate over time?

No. They will maintain their value just like any other site-built home. Their value will be determined based on the sale of other homes in the market.

Is it difficult to get financing and insurance on a modular home?

No more difficult than it is to insure or finance any other traditionally constructed home.

Does it take as long to build a modular as it does a site built home?

No. In most cases, you can shave months off the construction process by opting for modular construction.

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