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Our Vendor Relationship and Process

We are proud to work in conjunction with Ritz-Craft Custom Homes, a leader in the modular/systems-built housing industry since 1954. 

As an independent home builder, we have been approved by Ritz-Craft to provide and sell their high-quality homes and then complete all of the site work needed to finish the home. It is important to note that we are not an authorized agent of Ritz-Craft and do not act on their behalf.

As our largest sub-contractor, Ritz-Craft will deliver your home to us with a substantial amount of the work already completed. After your home arrives at your building site, we work with a local set crew to properly and securely affix your home to its foundation. 

The next stages of the home building process will vary according to the complexity of your home.  Depending on the style, square footage and customization of your home, you will be able to move in anywhere from 45 to 90 days after your home has been set.  

Typical items that we must complete on-site include interior drywall and floor finishing, exterior siding or brick/stone treatments, porches, garages, HVAC systems, plumbing and electrical connections.  All of the on-site construction that takes place is subject to building code inspections.

Before you are presented with your Certificate of Occupancy and move in to your new home, we will do a final walk-through with you to ensure that you are completely happy with every facet of your new home.

A Better Way to Build

Ritz-Craft Custom Homes is a privately held, vertically integrated company headquartered in Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania.  With its roots in residential home building dating back to 1954, Ritz-Craft has risen to be an industry leader in the systems-built housing industry.  With additional facilities in Michigan and North Carolina, Ritz-Craft is able to service 26 states as well as Ontario, Canada.

Throughout the years, Ritz-Craft has operated under these three guiding principles:

Environment - We are focused on providing a safe and productive work environment for our employees.  We take pride in the fact that this environment has extended through generations of fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters.  Put simply, our goal is to have employees that love their work.

Relationships - We believe that business success is developed through strong relationships with our builder/dealer network.  Many of the business relationships we enjoy today began decades ago.

Quality Products - Our mission is to provide products and services to our customers that are unparalleled in design, workmanship and quality.  Ultimately, this dedication towards perfection provides our company with growth opportunities through customer referrals and retention.


With every home we build, we realize we are creating another page of our company history. The families that purchase and live in our homes document those pages. With over 50 years of experience and tens of thousands of homes produced, we are proud and humbled to offer our products and services to you.



Paul D. John                   Eric John
President/CEO                Vice President

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